Cocktail – General Maintenance And Optimization Utility

Cocktail is a General Maintenance And Optimization Utility for mac that lets you clean, repair, and optimize your Mac.

it’s a simple optimization tool for mac that comes with some maintenance tools and tweaks to optimize your Mac computer performance.

You can access all tweaks and tools through a clean and easy to use interface. All settings organize into 6 categories that helps you to manage various aspects of your computer.

It also comes with an automatic Pilot mode that allows you to simply press a button and relax, knowing that Cocktail will take care of the rest.

Currently, there are more than 250000 users worldwide and the largest part being private individuals, but Cocktail can also be found at large international companies, educational institutions, or newspapers.

Features of Cocktail Optimization Utility for Mac

  1. Verify boot volume
  2. Repair user permissions
  3. Set disk sleep time
  4. change other disk sleep settings
  5. check S.M.A.R.T status of disks
  6. enable or disable journaling
  7. Modify standby delay
  8. Force eject CD/DVD
  9. Run periodic maintenance scripts
  10. Purge inactive memory and optimize virtual memory usage
  11. Manage Spotlight indexing
  12. Erase Spotlight indexes
  13. Modify Time Machine settings
  14. Rebuild Launch Services and Help databases
  15. Rebuild Mail’s Envelope Index
  16. Update locate and what is databases
  17. Force empty the Trash
  18. Change startup mode or set startup delay
  19. Disable startup sound
  20. Disable Notification Center and App Nap
  21. Easy to clear system caches, user caches, font caches, virtual memory swap files, temporary files, Internet caches, and DNS cache
  22. Clear Mail downloads, cookies, download lists, form values, and history files,
  23. Clear Adobe Flash Player caches and cookies
  24. Clear applications caches
  25. Search for corrupted preference files
  26. Delete unnecessary localization (language resources) files
  27. Clear and manage (view, print and save) log files
  28. Delete invisible DS Store files
  29. Delete locked or inaccessible items
  30. Easy to change speed, duplex, and MTU of network cards
  31. Easily optimize network settings for common connection types
  32. Modify IP configuration parameters
  33. Configure File Sharing settings
  34. Customize look and features of Finder, Dock, login window and other system services
  35. Modify hidden settings of Safari, iTunes, and Launchpad
  36. Clean, repair and optimize your system with one click of the button
  37. Schedule clearing of caches and log files as well as the run of periodic maintenance scripts

Cocktail For Mac

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