EarthDesk – Real Time Animated Image of the Earth for your Desktop

EarthDesk is a free software application for windows and Mac OS that allow you to change the static desktop image into a beautiful, real-time image of the Earth from space. The software continuously updating the earth images in the background while you working on your desktop.

it will update daylight and moonlight coverage on the map, as well as live cloud images which are superimposed onto the map. it was not just a beautiful wallpaper. As it moves in real time throughout the day, depicting live data, it’s a great source of information.

The map provide by the software is fully customizable and user can choose between various map projections, whether to use a satellite image or political map, and whether to show night time and moonlight. you can also zoomed and centered the map up to 400 % anywhere on earth.


  1. Projections – Currently, EarthDesk offered 12 different projections, so can choose from including Mercator, Azimuthal, and Equirectangular, and a Globe with an optional starfield background.
  2. Multiple Screens – you can use multiple  screens simultaneously and each screen show different map, or use single map across all your screens.
  3. Centering – Center on latitude/longitude, a point relative to the sun or moon, or any of 10,000 locations. A data subscription gives you even more centering options.
  4. Map Labels – Multi-color labels can be used to group cities by category and pinpoint them on EarthDesk’s maps. Labels are defined per-screen for maximum versatility.
  5. Performance – The software operates in the background, using minimal resources.
  6. Standard Clouds – With free cloud image service offered by EarthDesk provide global cloud images at a detail of 2 megapixels. Standard cloud images update every six hours.
  7. All storms data powered by Aeris weather.
  8. Track all earthquakes happen all over world with EarthDesk apps. Choose the minimum magnitude to display, select the number of days they remain, and fade out older quakes.
  9. Also, Track major tropical storms, cyclones, typhoons, and hurricanes. Choose how to label the storm, and whether to display the Safir-Simpson category.

EarthDesk 7

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