Kolude KD-K1 Keyhub

The Kolude KD-K1 Key Hub is a productivity-focused computer accessory for professionals that give you full size keyboard with HDMI, USB-A, USB-C ports , as well as TF and full-size SD card readers. This will allow users to connect their choice of USB-enabled device, an HDMI monitor and much more without the need for any additional dongles.

The Keyhub Keyboard is very smooth, comfortable and beautifully designed keypad while still having all the functionality—and more—that you want. It’s compatible with 18-100W charging, and it supports data transmission. It supports all languages, and the scissor-switch will give you a great typing experience. The keyboard is crafted with a 100% aluminum build and addresses the need for backwards-compatible computer accessory for creative professionals. This will allow them to use their best computer system for their work, while also maintaining connectivity with their other devices.

Basically you can use your Keyhub Keyboard while charging your iPad Pro, post-2015 MacBook, or other USB Type-C charging the laptop. In terms of visuals, its HDMI 4K/30Hz compatibility with 2K, 1080P and 720P speak for itself—after all, you can only have a great performance if you have great visuals, and that’s what the Keyhub offers!

Features of Kolude KD-K1 Keyhub

  1. Unibody anti scratching aluminum upper and base housing with all edges shaped with shiny diamond cut by precious CNC technologies.
  2. Scissor switch keyboard that features a shorter travel, higher durability and efficiency, allowing you to type without delay.
  3. Unique ergonomic concave keycap design that creates a stunning visual impact, with keycaps that are easy to replace due to the scissor switch build.
  4. Improved non slip mat at the bottom with ergonomic silicone foot pads of 20*8 mm to raise the height of your keyboard and help you keep a more comfortable posture.
  5. Built with a responsive white backlight, which is perfect for typing when in dark space.
  6. ideal for Designer, Programmer, video editor, professional writer, business people and die hard gamers.
  7. Provide support for all platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows etc..
  8. Your Keyhub layout supports all language, you can choose your own Keyhub layout language!
  9. The Kolude Keyhub Keyboard wired keyboard input typing via USB Type-C works with all laptops and computers.

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