Libra – Turns Your iPad Pro into a MacBook

Introducing Libra, World’s first Bluetooth keyboard with trackpad, backlighting, and function keys to provide MacBook like user experience, without sacrificing the advantages of a tablet. The keys are the same shape and size as the ones on previous MacBook Pro version. Featuring the scissor-switch structure that makes typing on a MacBook so satisfying, Libra delivers the perfect tactile, responsive, and quiet typing experience.

Libra comes with a snap-on magnetic cover that can protect your iPad Pro from scratches and dents. Also, provide a special case for 11-inch iPad Pro only and make the iPad Pro perfectly fit the Libra keyboard. The smooth keyboard hinge can be adjusted from 0-120 degrees to achieve the perfect angle for your task.

Libra keyboard has a 4000 mAh built-in battery that delivers up to 200 days of battery life per charge. also It can charge your iPad/ iPhone through the USB C output port in an emergency.

Features of Libra

  1. Quick Setup
  2. MacBook like User Experience for iPad Pro
  3. Maximize your productivity with iPad Pro while on the go like a MacBook.
  4. Adjustable Backlit Keys  – Adjustable 3 level brightness
  5. Trackpad for iPad Pro
  6. function keys makes adjusting the iPad’s volume and screen brightness a quick tap away.
  7. Multiple colors of backlighting effect
  8. 0-120 viewing angle – Different applications require different viewing angles.
  9. easy to use and simple to connect
  10. Magnetic case cover to protect your iPad Pro from scratches and dents

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