MagicStand Pro – Large Display Multimedia Stand

MagicStand Pro is the ultimate multimedia stand for your bedroom, living room or work conference room. Connect any Mac to a large display and turn your Apple Wireless Keyboard & Trackpad into an awesome multimedia workstation be it in bed or on the lounge.

Ability to place your trackpad immediately below the keyboard similar like laptop style that give upper hand to MagicStand Pro when you compare them with their competitor. it is specially designed to mimic the correct typing posture. It’s a great way to rest your back from the stressful sitting or standing position.

It’s open,  two level overlap design, gives users that natural minimalistic ergonomic experience. This unique feature is important in optimising intense workflows with that ‘familiar’ MacBook style control at your fingertips even when lying down horizontally on your back with your elbows fully planted into the cushions.

Features of MagicStand Pro

  1. Posture and Ergonomics
  2. Elegant Unibody Design
  3. Power User Workflows
  4. Reduce Butterfly Keyboard dust build-up problems by using the MacBook in closed-display mode with the MagicStand Pro
  5. give you desktop like control and user experience.
  6. Life-style comfort with easy access to power switches and charging ports
  7. Super portable with hook and tape fabric to easily attach and detach your Apple devices 
  8. Transforms your Mac into a stylish and usable workstation be it in bed or on the lounge.
  9. The MagicStand Pro connects your Apple Wireless Keyboard and Trackpad into a single ergonomic multimedia device.

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