Postbox – email management software for Mac

Postbox is an email managing tool for an operating system like MAC and windows and is powered by Mozilla. A very useful tool for social networking and e-mail, this application can also be called a desktop e-mailing application. This program can turn e-mail labels into folders so that the users can access them whenever they want. The application, Postbox, is Thunderbird codes-based and the interface is quite attractive.

Postbox is basically an email managing application with plenty of qualities that make it unique compared to other applications. The application stores all the emails and email labels as folders that can be accessed by the user whenever they want to. While the user clicks on an e-mail and finds not only a nice preview pane with texts but also the images, contact details, links, URLs, attachments, etc. in a compiled sidebar.

You can upload those images and contact details, links, URLs, etc. to your social networking site account like my space, Delicious, Twitter, friend Feed, and Google.

Post box also offers one-click operational ease, which means every mail can be viewed by clicking on individual tabs on their own. The user can also search for any mail by simply tapping on the search button. The application also helps in importing the contact details, e-mails, and other data from Yahoo, Outlook, Thunderbird, and Google. Added to that, users of this application can extract contact data, attachments, links, texts, or images from anywhere.

Features of Postbox

  1. Smart Interface- The post box has a very smart interface and a layout that appeals to the users.
  2. Managing e-mails efficiently- The application helps in managing the users efficiently by putting them into various folders which can also be tagged and accessed whenever the users want.
  3. Keeps a track of e-mails exchange- The application keeps a track of tour emails exchange between you and your friends, community, or business group. This helps the user to get a quick glance at the email exchange whenever needed.
  4. Fast and easy searching- In this application, the emails are put into various folders the application also ensures fast and easy searching of a particular mail that is labeled or tagged by the user.
  5. Combines the feature of Thunderbird and Mozilla- Postbox powered by Mozilla is the advanced version of Thunderbird and combines the features of Thunderbird and Mozilla to facilitate the users with e-mail organizing.
  6. Easy to install and download- The application is available for a free trial and costs a very nominal fee while downloading the full version. The downloading, too, is very simple and it takes just a moment to complete an account set up for the application.
  7. Filter your searches- the users can filter their searches by subject, date, topic, receiver, or any tags and labels and can access them by their exact criteria.
  8. Easy tab operation- Postbox helps in making the operation easy by assigning individual tabs for the individual folders, which means the users can access an email or any folder by just clicking on their respective tabs.

The application is really fruitful when it comes to email management efficiently. Unlike other email managing applications, it has plenty of tools and features, which make the application stand apart from them.

Download : Postbox 2

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